Posted: July 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

I found myself dragged in the opposite of Wonderland from one day to another…

Yesterday i was swimming in happiness in it’s deepest meaning, i felt confident and peaced with myself, i felt like i could do anything. But yesterday he gave me hopes. Yesterday he told me that he missed me.

Today… he didn’t botter calling… today i was expecting things that, if i’d dig it deeper, i’ve shouldn’t been expecting… i was expecting to feel better, if that’s possible, than yesterday… today i wanted, i hoped, i cried for being happier than ever, knowing that… he cares.

Like the ol’ routine, summer brings back memories, brings out new hopes, and ( as i hope not to happen again) leaves space for the relatively ever-lasting fall, when i … literaly fall apart.

So what’s summer to me? A disaster. 2012 in it’s worst scenarios would be better than the thoughts that come to my mind right now… cause i’m a lil bit paranoic( think i forgot to mention that till now) and a bit … helpless. Cause i can bring ultimate happiness in an relationship or ultimate dispair. So what’s the meaning of this hole day, spent waiting?

A disaster.  Hoping that dawn comes faster than ever before and dreams in any form don’t occure tonight, i shall leave you here, awaiting…


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